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Hi there, I'm Dan Rockwell, Senior Insight Translation Associate at Lextant a design research in Columbus, Ohio.  I've been working in the wild wild area of research for about 10 years now it seems- wooha!   

About lextant:

Design Research is the heart and soul of this place.  I've done a bit of everything but found my sweet spot in emerging technology and applying it to research needs.  

What makes me passionate about design research?  

Oooo lets see the people, the clients, the work and the challenges.  Part of my role at lextant is to constantly find better and innovate ways to help researchers get those essential nuggets of goodness out in the field.  My dream is that some day, we'll have total startrek holodeck playback of peoples experiences so we can really fine tune what they desire.  Until then, we just keep on trucking. 

twitter id?  yes, see @floozyspeak

coolest project worked on?  Pepboy's Retail Retrospective Ethnography, that was a fun gig.

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