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Ok firing off the first blog post here on the IDSA Design Research Section web site.. my skinny? DR related themes. By now you've heard the buzz words and i'm curious what you think is happening in the wide wide world of design research out there.

Co-Creation, I keep hearing people drop this word like its the new cool candy of the planet. "innovation" has been done, "co-creation" is in. For me, that pretty much sums up what lextant has been into for the past few years really with our ever expanding participatory design research offer. Co-Creation is definitely in.

More for Less, is another theme I've been seeing out there. More and more folks are after more data points for less effort, or less scope, or less-something. We're bouncing off the recession and while the world recovers and design, and research in particular is back and happening its scope is more condensed it seems like. Course I follow alot of the Market Research trends out there as well and that's like a whole nother story really.

Research on Tap! This is the online qualitative trend that's emerging. Qualitative research online has had a rebirth via web2.0, more and more of the population on fast broadband internet access, the sheer massive amount of people with camera phones and better browser technology. Now more than ever we can do better qualitative in the browser, not just pure numbers game, we can get interactive, share video, dive in and more.

I'm curious what design research related trends you are seeing out there, toss me a note if you got one as well.

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